“It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”   - Samuel Adams

This organization will be focused on building those brushfires, and lighting the way back to where America is supposed to be.  We have rested too long on the blood of those before us.  It is time for this nation to rise up against those who would destroy her.  It is time to take back the liberties that have been eroded, bring back the freedoms that made us great, and drive out those who would stifle the spirit that is America. 

We have been active for about two months now, and we have seen a ground swell of people interested in liberty and freedom in this country.  There have been efforts on many levels to grab the attention of this nation’s leaders and bring them back to the founding principles.  I believe we will see more efforts as the next election approaches, on both sides of this battle.  I ask you to arm yourself, educate yourself, and prepare yourself for the coming conflict that will determine our future and that of our children.  Will it be one of freedom, liberty, and prosperity as defined by the Founding Fathers, or one of tyranny, hardship and Socialism.  It will be up to us to decide, it would be best if we made the right choice.

- Ramarious


WElcome to the REvolution

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9/12/2009 - Joe Wilson: Often those who tell the truth are ridiculed by those who trade in lies. Stay tough, we're behind you.
7/27/2009 - The Obamacare Debacle continues, and Congress still wants to pass legislation they have not read.  We’ve managed to find some info that may be helpful, to Conyers and his cohorts and to YOU, the American people.  Take a look at this bulleted list and then make your decision on “Hope and Change”
7/13/2009 - Many new readers to the Brushfire Sparks this week.  You may want to take a peak and see what the buzz is about.  We are less than 18 months till the 2010 election.  Do you know where your health care is?  Amnesty? Carbon Tax?  Income tax increase? Now is the time to learn.
6/29/2009 - It is “Independence Week” at Brushfire.  All blogs will have a special Independence Day theme.  There is a lot to learn from and about our Founders and their work.  Now is a very good time to learn.Health_Care_Special.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

Till the next election...